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PupHammock Dog Car Seat Cover

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The PupHammock is an excellent waterproof solution for protecting your car seats from any dirt, scratches, water, mud, dog hair and more!

It is made from a high quality water proof polyester which will be easy to clean with just a few quick wipes of a wet cloth or in the washing machine Gentle Cycle.

Easy to install, our PupHammock is 54'' width x 58'' length, designed to fit any standard cars with headrests. The cover is equipped with Quick Release Clips, easy seat anchors, Velcro openings for seat belts and a rubber non-slip backing. Install it in one minute!


  • GUARANTEED to protect your car seats from nail scratching, hair and dirt
  • Universal size to fit to any back seat, 58 inches x 54 inches with adjustable straps
  • Water and tear resistant high quality fabric with rubber nonslip backing
  • Keeps your pet from jumping up front or falling between seats
  • Equipped with Velcro seat belt openings to use your attachments as usual

Please allow approximately 2 weeks for shipping due to popular demand.