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Rechargeable Solar Camping Lantern - LED light for Camping, Hiking, Outdoors

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This collapsible, powerful LED lantern is essential camping gear. 

It's portable enough for those wanting to go hiking or partake in other outdoor activities, and is also a great tent light.

Will work using either rechargeable lithium ion battery, or solar power.


  • High quality plastic shell, glass top, stainless steel hand shanks, shockproof and durable.
  • Put the lamp in the sun to charge - 3 hours lighting once fully charged.
  • Can be charged by AC charging cord.
  • When stretching it light will be on, shrink it back and light will be off.
  • Red indicator displays charging condition.
  • Safety energy saving, portable, high brightness.
  • Used for camping, reading, boating, fishing, car repairs, etc.

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